Fancy Book case – IPHONE 7 red-navy

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Fancy Book cover is a wallet and protect your phone in one. The cover has a pocket for bank cards and the necessary documents and submitted to the TV stand, which makes it easy to watch movies.

The cover has a convenient velcro magnet. The interior is made of flexible silicone molds itself to the shape of your phone model and has cutouts for function buttons that make using the device.

Made from high-quality eco-leather ensures adequate protection of your phone from scratches and damage and the pockets facilitate easy storage necessary documents.

Fancy Book filed with the position of the tv stand that allows eg. watch movies.

Cover available in a wide range of colours – the inside cover is always present in the color fastener.

Material: Eco-leather & silicone
Colour: Red-navy blue

EAN: 5901737376442

Κωδικός: 206333-6

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