ELECTRO Jelly Case IPHONE 7 (4,7″) black

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Electro Jelly is a maximum flexible phone case with reinforced rant.
It has cutouts for the camera and charger and stamping to prevent the build-up of water vapor.

Case is made of an elastic material TPU which makes it perfectly adapts to the phone model. On the rear wall of the box there are small stamping which prevents deposition of water vapor.

Case is transparent and enriched with a delicate touch of colour, making it perfectly highlights the original design of the phone at the same time providing him with adequate protection against scratches and minor damage. On the edges used additional strengthening.

The case has cutouts for the camera, speaker and charger and built-in buttons, e.g. adjust the volume.

Material: TPU
Colour: black
EAN: 5901737375230

Κωδικός: 206333-4

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