Optical mouse BLOW Adrenaline HURRICANE (EAN: 5900804078494)

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Wired Optical Mouse BLOW HURRICANE Adrenaline is a great alternative to expensive mouse designed for novice gamers. Check in many computer games, and will be professionally presented on the desk of a young player. An additional advantage of this mouse is ergonomic design and pleasant to touch the material from which it was made. With the mouse, we recommend keyboard series BLOW Adrenaline HURRICANE, which will complete a set of young players.

– Technology: Optical
– Sensitivity: 800/1200/1600/2400 DPI
– color: black and gray, highlighted a number of colors
– number of buttons: 6
– number of wheels: 1
– button under the roller yes
– illuminated roll: yes
– port: USB
– cable length: 1.5m
– compatible with: Windows 08/07/10 and Mac OS X

Κωδικός: 154847-9

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